EHWO 13-06-2024 MIL

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EHWO 13-06-2024 MIL

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1205 H-24 BAF ADSB
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Re: EHWO 13-06-2024 MIL

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wolfhound.aviation wrote: 13 Jun 2024, 12:06 1205 H-24 BAF ADSB
BAF317 *
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Re: EHWO 13-06-2024 MIL

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Around 11:30, I heard two F-35s around the airbase. As I was not at home I was unable to identify them. Stanlytrack history suggests they did 1 touch-and-go / low approach and left towards the northwest back to Leeuwarden, where they landed before 12:00. Any help is much appreciated.

Edit: most likely F-017 and F-020 'Slammer1/2'
Greetings, Werner Verbogt
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